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Animal husbandry plays an important role in rural economy. It is one of the major sources of livelihood in rural India. Many farmers are involved in production and marketing of milk, meat, eggs to support themselves and their family. However, there is a need to make them aware about the latest trends in technology and also help them in improving their marketing and entrepreneurial skills. The idea is to enhance their income and improve the quality of their lives.

e-PAHEL has taken several initiatives in the field of Animal Husbandry since its inception. As a result, more than 5000 farmers working on dairy, goat, pig and poultry have been sensitized.

We have organized and supported several training programmes, seminars and camp on animal husbandry (dairy, poultry, goat, pig and meat processing, etc) in various parts of Uttar Pradesh especially in districts of Prayagraj, Pratapgarh and Kaushambhi, etc. In addition, e-Pahal has provided technical and financial support to farmers in establishing 155 livestock units (especially poultry and dairy) in Allahabad.


Livestock Development Center

e-PAHEL has established a Livestock Development Center at Soroan, Allahabad which

has been catering services of livestock production, prophylaxis, diagnosis and treatment of

livestock including large ruminants like cattle & buffaloes, small ruminants like goat & sheep

and birds.


Programme with support of Animal Husbandry Department,Prayagraj

e-PAHEL has organised several programmes with the support of Animal Husbandry Department, Prayagraj  in Mineral Mixture Demonstration  and Poultry Farm School. Many Farmer gosthis and Exposure Visits have also been organized.


Training Programmes sponsored by NABARD

e-PAHEL has conducted many training programmes with the support of NABARD in the following areas.

Milk production and marketing

There is a need to develop knowledge system for entrepreneurship in dairy business in rural areas. This will not only help in increase production and consumption of milk products but also prevent and control of bovine diseases. It has also been felt that the farmers need to enhance the dairy (animal) management and marketing skills. The idea is to establish more and more dairy units. To achieve these objectives, two training programmes were conducted – one at Pratapgarh and another one in Kaushambi. These programmes had the participation of 65 farmers.

Poultry farming and marketing

In rural areas, farmers need to be aware of present trends in poultry farming and marketing. Their poultry management and marketing skill need to be enhanced. They need to be educated on how to improve the management of poultry farming and increase the production & consumption of poultry products (Meat & Egg). The knowledge system for entrepreneurship in poultry business need to be developed as that will lead to establishments of several poultry units. Keeping these aspects in mind, e-PAHEL conducted five training programmes in poultry farming and marketing in various locations of Allahabad, Pratapgarh and Kaushambi. Around 130 participants were trained.

Hygienic meat production and processing

Hygiene is an extremely significant factor in meat production and processing. It is important to train the meat handlers and retailers about quality meat production and processing. Not only that they should also be aware of proper packaging and storage of meat and meat products. The present human resources engaged in meat production need to be aware of scientific processes involved and, also equally important is to train unemployed youths interested in this segment so that they can explore avenues for self employment in this area. A training programme was conducted in Allahabad with 28 participants to promote the practice of hygienic meat production and processing.