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Self Help Groups (SHGs)

e-PAHEL strives for empowerment of rural women. Women in rural areas face challenging social and economic conditions. The best way to empower them is to enable them earn independently. Even a small amount of earning enhances their self-confidence and self-esteem. To achieve this goal, e-PAHEL has tied up with NABARD. Many Self Help Groups (SHGs) have been formed in last many years. Currently, we are engaged in formation of 100 SHGs and establishing their linkages with Nationalized Bank for Income Generation Activities (IGA) in Pratapur, Prayagraj.

Each SHG comprises 10 to 15 women of a village. We train SHGs on the advantages of working in a group. We educate them not only about the benefits of savings but also how to do that. We help in establishing financial linkages with banks so that SHGs can take advantages of various government schemes. We train and educate them about group-dynamics, documentation of group activities and financial inclusions. We organise techno-management training in their respective choices of IGA/ trade. We also facilitate backward and forward linkages for initiating IGA.