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Shudh khayen, Swasth rahen


e-PAHEL has realized that rural agri-producers face several problems. One of the major problems is that they struggle to reach out to right markets to sell their produce. In order to facilitate marketing linkage for member of FPO- agro based products, e-PAHEL has set up a retail outlet in Colonelganj, Prayagraj. This provides a direct access to rural producers to city market that widens their consumer base. On one hand it encourages the farmers to produces organic food and on the other it creates awareness and benefits of organic food in prospective markets. It not only facilitates interaction between producers and consumers and  but also reduces the involvement of middlemen in sale process.

The products available here are organic rice, wheat, pulses, chana, besen, barley, baajra, mustard oil, gud, etc. The outlet also sells spices, vegetables, honey, papad, pickles, dalia, etc.

This Rural Mart is supported by NABARD.

For order, contact +91 7985287014, + 91941528960.