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 Dr Gopal Krishna Consultant, Poultry and Livestock Management is leading e-PAHEL as Director since 2003.  He has done Bachelor of Veterinary science and Animal Husbandry from Mathura Veterinary College, Mathura in year 2000. He has been working closely with organizations like NABARD, and U.P. Animal Husbandry and BSVS, (RSETI) Allahabad.

With an over 18 years of experience in the field of Livestock & Livestock Products, his prime focus is on livelihood generation.  He has formed over 100 Self Help Groups (SHGs) & Joint Liability  Groups (JLG)s, several Farmers club and two Farmer Producer Companies with the support of NABARD. He has organized several programmes on environment, organic agriculture, milk, meat, cattle & Goat, poultry, etc. As director e-PAHEL, he utilizes his networking and communications skills in developing linkages with farmers, developing agencies and nationalized banks. He has developed considerable insights on social and livelihood issues of the people whose life depends heavily on livestock management.