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It has been realized that many poultry farmers are not aware of many aspects of management of poultry farming such as brooding, feeding, bio-security. They also do not know about the trends of poultry market that many times result in major economic losses to them. e-PAHEL understands the need of such farmers and intends to create awareness and develop understanding on issues related to poultry  management; build skills in  quality poultry production through upgraded technology;  help prevention and control of the poultry diseases; highlight importance of proper cleanliness and hygiene; and marketing of poultry products.

In view of this, e-PAHEL plans to organize several training programmes on Poultry Production and Marketing. The objectives of these training programmes are to equip the poultry farmers with necessary skills and knowledge about poultry farming and marketing.  This will further create opportunities for self-employment for rural youths/ farmers where they can set up their own enterprises. The details of the training programmes are given below:

Type of Courses


Name of course




Broiler Production and Marketing

6 days



Poultry Management

10 days



Layer Production and Marketing

6 days



Vaccination and Debeaking for Layer

6 days



Poultry Processing and Products Technology

      10 days


Medium of instruction: Hindi, blending theory  and  practical

Note- The trainees will be periodically evaluated through periodical test. They will also taken to organized poultry farms and slaughter houses.

Faculty: Veterinary Doctors, professional  and experts from banks and other institutions

Course venue – 92 B South Malaka, Near Rambag, Prayagraj, UP

Boarding & Lodging:  Participants will have to manage their boarding and lodging

Prospects: The successful candidates will be better equipped in dealing with livestock in generating livelihood for themselves and others in their surroundings. The trainees will be awarded a Certificate after successful completion of the training.

Contact Office
92 B South Malaka, Near Rambag, Prayagraj, UP – 211002

Head Office

ePAHEL, 30B/1 AN Jha Marg, George Town, Prayagraj – 211002
M: 7985287014, 9415289601, Email: e_pahel@yahoo.com